Displaced in Motherhood

Do you feel displaced? Or that you are unsure of where or how to serve? As a mother of 5 littles I find myself with the desire to serve and share the gospel with others. Which are both Godly desires, BUT they can come at a cost to my mindset when I fell like becauseContinue reading “Displaced in Motherhood”

Motherhood – Best Me

  Being a Mom: Being a mom is the HARDEST job I have ever done! In fact when my husband has a day off and gets to be the one in charge all day he attests that the role I play during the day is harder then the one he does at work. (And IContinue reading “Motherhood – Best Me”

Declare Truth Over Your Labor!

One amazing advice I was given in the book Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Toplin, was the encouragement to bring GOD into your birth! I read this book with my first birth and one of the things that stuck out to me the MOST was she said, “Birth is one of the times we get toContinue reading “Declare Truth Over Your Labor!”

Baby Shower – Bun in the Oven & Burgers on the Grill

When we were having our fourth sweetie pie, we really struggled with whether or not we were going to have a baby shower. We had already had “all” the things we needed as far as big items go. BUT, what we ultimately decided is having a baby no matter what number in the birth orderContinue reading “Baby Shower – Bun in the Oven & Burgers on the Grill”

Peace For My Children

  Every child while they are growing up goes through this stage where they have a healthy stranger danger fear. And children also go through stages where they can have a reservations to participate in new situations. One of my children is currently very bashful and it takes him longer to warm up to  newContinue reading “Peace For My Children”

Strong Women

What makes a strong woman? I believe that strong doesn’t mean you have to be loud, bossy, or controlling. I believe that you don’t have to be a liberal or conservative to be a strong woman. I believe that strong women don’t put others down (including men) but they encourage others to be courageous. IContinue reading “Strong Women”

Moms – Bless His Holy Name!

I have a simple but important prayer for myself as a mom. I pray that with ALL that is within me, I will bless HIS holy name!!!! I pray my words, my actions and my thoughts would bless the name of Jesus. I pray that when I walk, talk and love on those around meContinue reading “Moms – Bless His Holy Name!”

Mom – Worrying

I have this vivid memory of sitting on my grandmas couch waiting and waiting for my cousin to arrive. They lived 7 hours away from my grandparents house and we were all going to be together for a Holiday. I was so excited! I was around the age of 10 and I remember starting toContinue reading “Mom – Worrying”

Mom – Quick to Listen

James 1:19b says “EVERYONE should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry.” I made an observation this week, there is MOST definitely a difference between listening and truly listening. My two oldest are a girl (age 4) and a boy (age 3) they are the best of friends! They playContinue reading “Mom – Quick to Listen”

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