What’s in a Name?

  When we are born we are given a name.  I know from experience that parents tend to put a lot of care into naming their children. Sometimes the name is a family name, or sometimes the parent likes the meaning of the name, or sometimes parents have thought of what the name would soundContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”

Motherhood – Best Me

  Being a Mom: Being a mom is the HARDEST job I have ever done! In fact when my husband has a day off and gets to be the one in charge all day he attests that the role I play during the day is harder then the one he does at work. (And IContinue reading “Motherhood – Best Me”

Podcast – Episode #23 Pursuing Dreams While in the Mom-Stage of Life

Listen in today on a Podcast I am so excited to share! My dear friend Mary Rabe and I get together to talk about the importance of pursuing passions and dreaming WITH YOUR KIDS! Don’t let being a mom stop you from dreaming! We also talk about, maybe your dream was always to be aContinue reading “Podcast – Episode #23 Pursuing Dreams While in the Mom-Stage of Life”

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