Homemade Artisan Bread Course LAUNCH!

We have been so excited to create our very first HOMEMADE ARTISAN BREAD COURSE! This course teaches our No- Knead – No Fail Artisan Bread. This bread is so versatile, and super tolerant to mistakes, which makes it the perfect bread to start to learn on!   We decided to put our Artisan Bread courseContinue reading “Homemade Artisan Bread Course LAUNCH!”

Healthy and Strong

Healthy and Strong   There has been so many seasons in my life where I have felt and looked healthy and strong, but sadly I am coming out of a season where having my physical body reflect my legacy goals was put aside. There were many amazing things that has transpired in the last 8Continue reading “Healthy and Strong”

Displaced in Motherhood

Do you feel displaced? Or that you are unsure of where or how to serve? As a mother of 5 littles I find myself with the desire to serve and share the gospel with others. Which are both Godly desires, BUT they can come at a cost to my mindset when I fell like becauseContinue reading “Displaced in Motherhood”

Thanksgiving Activities

With Thanksgiving being this week, I can’t be the only parent who waited until the last minute to find a cute thanksgiving activity. Or maybe you are hosting this year and would like some activities for your kiddos guest to do while at your house? Well have no fear I have complied over 30 activitiesContinue reading “Thanksgiving Activities”

To Put Courage Into

Encourage – to put courage into. If you have been following along you may have noticed that we have had a LOT of decisions to make as a family lately. From selling our house, to moving churches, and standing against the vaccine mandates in our area. With each decision we of course were met withContinue reading “To Put Courage Into”

Religious Exemption

God is working, God is present in the waiting, we must wait in hope!  Some times we don’t know why or when or what to do while waiting. Darren and I have had MANY waiting moments this year. Just recently we had been waiting, praying and contending with friends, family and our biblical community thatContinue reading “Religious Exemption”

Room by Room

  WOW! Lots can happen within a house in 10 years. From births, to first steps, ministry, friends made, laughter around the table, tears in the shower, and meals oh so many meals. As we prepare to move I have been reminiscing on the adventures that have taken place in our home. Join along asContinue reading “Room by Room”

Ready … Set …. Move

  Blogs are so interesting in that you can use them to share so much information. Some of the information shared is educational, comical, sad, and or motivational. But, today I would like to share more of my heart and what God has been teaching us through some major trials in our life. There hasContinue reading “Ready … Set …. Move”

Lessons Learned in Kids Business

As a family we decided to take on an adventure, to be specific a business adventure but not for us: FOR OUR KIDS! Our mission was to show the kids business principles through an actual physical experience, what we didn’t account for was all the other life lessons that would accompany it. Here is ourContinue reading “Lessons Learned in Kids Business”

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