We have Launched Our Vlog

We are so excited to finally let the cat out of the bag and tell you: WE MADE A VLOG!!! Here is our welcome vlog, that explains our heart behind our Ministry, and includes some explanation of our family team.   

COVID-19 Processing Resources for the FAMILY!

How many of you lived through the experience of 9/11? I can distinctly remember when I heard the news, and the fear that followed. 9/11 was a historical moment that altered how we operate in our daily living. Anyone else watch older movies where they are meeting someone at the airport and can walk straightContinue reading “COVID-19 Processing Resources for the FAMILY!”

Scripture Memory

When I first had young kiddos I wanted to find valuable and easy to learn verse to start putting the Word of God into the hearts of my young! This year our church has been doing a focus of a verse for the month! All the kiddos from babies on up are hearing these versesContinue reading “Scripture Memory”

RESOURCES – Family Bible Time

As a mom I am finding myself looking desperately for support and resources to help me along my journey of Raising my beautiful Rice children. There are so many GREAT resources out there! I wanted to share a few favorites with you guys, in hopes it may bless you! The theme of this resource sectionContinue reading “RESOURCES – Family Bible Time”

PODCAST #7 – How to ENJOY and BE IN God’s Creation

On today’s podcast be encouraged on how to get out in God’s creation with your FAMILY! Special Guest Samantha King helps us learn baby steps to starting out. Give it a Listen I think you will be inspired! Job 12:7-10 7 “But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, andContinue reading “PODCAST #7 – How to ENJOY and BE IN God’s Creation”

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