Season 1 Ep 12 The Impact of Your Family Vision

Welcome to our conversation about the impact of your family vision. Money, location, activities, home, and more! We are wrapping our season 1 with the culmination of where we started. In the beginning of the season, we talked about establishing a family vision, the how tos and practicalness of a family vision. Now, in thisContinue reading “Season 1 Ep 12 The Impact of Your Family Vision”

COVID-19 Processing Resources for the FAMILY!

How many of you lived through the experience of 9/11? I can distinctly remember when I heard the news, and the fear that followed. 9/11 was a historical moment that altered how we operate in our daily living. Anyone else watch older movies where they are meeting someone at the airport and can walk straightContinue reading “COVID-19 Processing Resources for the FAMILY!”

RESOURCES – Family Bible Time

As a mom I am finding myself looking desperately for support and resources to help me along my journey of Raising my beautiful Rice children. There are so many GREAT resources out there! I wanted to share a few favorites with you guys, in hopes it may bless you! The theme of this resource sectionContinue reading “RESOURCES – Family Bible Time”