Vlog – Response to Our Reel Gone Viral (15 Unpopular Parenting Opinions)

Have you ever stood for something you believed in and got a lot of feedback? (Maybe both support and hate). A few months ago I made a reel over on Instagram which actually got over 2.1 MILLION views! It was a short, quick mini video stating 3 unpopular parenting opinions we have. And let meContinue reading “Vlog – Response to Our Reel Gone Viral (15 Unpopular Parenting Opinions)”

Homemade Ranch

  In our household Ranch is a staple for mealtime. We used to buy premade Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, then progressed to the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing dry mix pack. This obsession with Ranch has driven us to create our very own Ranch Mix. We are excited to share with you the different ways weContinue reading “Homemade Ranch”

Vlog – Introducing our Family Van NV3500

We may look like a giant white toaster heading down the road, but the benefits of this huge toaster have been life changing for our family. Watch today’s video to see the features that drew us into the purchase of our van. I will give you a hint ahead of time, but one of myContinue reading “Vlog – Introducing our Family Van NV3500”

Vlog – Hiking the Gorge in the Winter with Kids

I have always thought of hiking as an enjoyable summer activity, yet I was amazed to learn that hiking is an all-season adventure. Each season brings new beauty to the hiker. But truly I tell you, I never imagined hiking with kids in the winter would be on my agenda; yet this winter has changedContinue reading “Vlog – Hiking the Gorge in the Winter with Kids”

Vlog – At the Coast in Winter

My husband’s family grew up at the coast, and even though some moved away others still live there. So, when we have a trip to visit family it is always a joy to be able to spend time at the coast with them. This last trip we went over New Year’s Eve to New Year’sContinue reading “Vlog – At the Coast in Winter”

Vlog – Snow Shoeing with Kids

Snow Shoeing with Kids As some of you who have been following along know that we are moving our family from Portland, Oregon to Idaho Falls, Idaho. There are many differences in the two areas BUT one of the MAJOR differences is their WINTER! Here in Oregon (where we live currently), we are lucky if weContinue reading “Vlog – Snow Shoeing with Kids”

Vlog – Baking With Kids

  Baking with Kids We love to bake with our kids. Now, when I say this, it doesn’t mean that it is without hard or messy moments! In fact, sometimes it is hard to gain motivation to do a project like baking with them knowing that there will be lots of training opportunities and messesContinue reading “Vlog – Baking With Kids”

FREE Toddler Flash Card Resource

I have had many people ask about what to do for homeschooling with the toddlers. I understand their heart in this question, they are so excited about building a fire for learning in their kiddos and or their toddler is showing signs of readiness. I get it! I was there when my oldest was aContinue reading “FREE Toddler Flash Card Resource”

100 Days Living In a Trailer

It has officially been over 100 days of living in our trailer. When we decided to sell our home in September 2021, we knew we would be moving into our trailer. Excited to build on our 10 acres in Idaho but knowing that we would have to use the money from the sale of ourContinue reading “100 Days Living In a Trailer”

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