Season 1 Ep4 Family Culture

Welcome to our conversation about developing family culture! This is another conviction that is at the root of everything we do as a family but also is a topic that you could probably spend an entire season talking about, so we hope todays podcast will spark a conversation in your family. Like and Subscribe 🙂Continue reading “Season 1 Ep4 Family Culture”

Season 1 Ep 2 Parenting and Thriving in Transition

  Welcome to the RaisingRices podcast Episode #2 where we are covering parenting and thriving inside of transition. Did you know that there are things you can do as a parents to prepare for transitions that you know are coming and ones that come up surprisingly. Listen in as we cover that and more, aboutContinue reading “Season 1 Ep 2 Parenting and Thriving in Transition”

Season 1 Ep 3 Family Bible Time

Thanks for joining us for Episode #3 of the Raising Rices Podcast, we are so excited to talk about our Family Bible Time, and encourage you with our convictions, character and challenges that we have grown in. Our 20-minute podcast are designed to welcome you into our conversation about biblical parenting and we pray itContinue reading “Season 1 Ep 3 Family Bible Time”

Season 1 Ep 1 Who We Are

Welcome to the Raising Rices Podcast where we are excited to talk about raising households that serve the Lord. On today’s podcast we are going over Who We Are, and how this podcast will be covering our convictions, character, and challenge all within a 20-minute format. We feel it is important to be able toContinue reading “Season 1 Ep 1 Who We Are”

Our Week Long Trip to Eastern Oregon (Bend/La Pine)

  We just got from a wonderful weeklong camping adventure to Eastern Oregon. We stayed at the Thousand Trails Bend/ La Pine campground. Since Darren (hubby) is working full time while we travel this year, we have created a system where he wakes up super early to start work, then we hang out at campContinue reading “Our Week Long Trip to Eastern Oregon (Bend/La Pine)”

How to Avoid Homeschool Burn Out

  Last week on our RaisingRices Instagram page I talked about ways to avoid homeschool burn out. This is such a needed conversation because BURN OUT happens! Especially starting in February, so if you have felt burn out, trust me you are not alone. So, what can we do? Well continue reading for some valuableContinue reading “How to Avoid Homeschool Burn Out”

Camping at Seaside Thousand Trails

We have officially entered the first camping trip of our 2022 season! A quick background to give you an idea of how we are making this camping season work for us: my (Marissa’s) grandparents have been campers for a long time, in fact I have many memories of camping with them growing up. My grandpaContinue reading “Camping at Seaside Thousand Trails”

Vlog – Quilting Day with Nana

Madeline and I had the opportunity to do a quilting day with Nana. We went to Nana’s house Friday evening started sewing then Madeline got to stay the night and the next day (Saturday) we worked until noon. It was a short, sweet, and successful time together. Each of us had a project we wereContinue reading “Vlog – Quilting Day with Nana”

Vlog- Volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch

It has been 4 months now of the kids and I volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch. This is a rescue ranch for horses that have had abuse or neglect in their past. It was important to Darren and I to find something for our kids to serve and learn hard work at, and Echo RanchContinue reading “Vlog- Volunteering at Echo Horse Ranch”

Redemptive Discipline

Redemptive Discipline The first time I heard this expression was when I was attending BSF as women’s bible study that also had a nursery, preschool, and homeschool areas where they would teach the bible concept the moms were learning too. A wonderful time I had in this program, and this is where I heard theContinue reading “Redemptive Discipline”