Season 2 Ep 2 Reflect and Repent to Your Spouse

Welcome to our conversation about marriage, and what we think may be the most valuable thing that we have learned. Hold your heart before the lord. Serve your spouse.   We pray you are blessed and that is inspires and encourages your marriages. We firmly believe in order to parent well we must give attentionContinue reading “Season 2 Ep 2 Reflect and Repent to Your Spouse”

Season 1 Ep 12 The Impact of Your Family Vision

Welcome to our conversation about the impact of your family vision. Money, location, activities, home, and more! We are wrapping our season 1 with the culmination of where we started. In the beginning of the season, we talked about establishing a family vision, the how tos and practicalness of a family vision. Now, in thisContinue reading “Season 1 Ep 12 The Impact of Your Family Vision”

Season 1 Ep10 Supporting Your Spouse’s Bible Time

Welcome to our discussion where we are talking about personal devotion time, our marriage, and the family and how we fit it all in together. Have you ever said to yourself (or others) I wish my husband would lead in a spiritual way. Or I just am an empty cup with nothing more to give.Continue reading “Season 1 Ep10 Supporting Your Spouse’s Bible Time”

Season 1 Ep. 8 Raising Critical Thinkers

Our conviction is that WE must and in turn must teach our children to be critical thinkers. Critical thinkers meaning specifically in this context to consider critically the information we are receiving, how we respond to the world around us, and how these things affect what we believe. In this world we are bombarded withContinue reading “Season 1 Ep. 8 Raising Critical Thinkers”

Season 1 Ep5 Homeschooling

Welcome to a candid conversation about why we have a biblical conviction to homeschool our kids. In this episode we share our heart for homeschooling and encourage you to reflect on how you can best disciple your children.  Like and Subscribe 🙂 and follow us at Instagram: @RaisingRices Facebook:  @RaisingRices  

Season 1 Ep 2 Parenting and Thriving in Transition

  Welcome to the RaisingRices podcast Episode #2 where we are covering parenting and thriving inside of transition. Did you know that there are things you can do as a parents to prepare for transitions that you know are coming and ones that come up surprisingly. Listen in as we cover that and more, aboutContinue reading “Season 1 Ep 2 Parenting and Thriving in Transition”

Season 1 Ep 3 Family Bible Time

Thanks for joining us for Episode #3 of the Raising Rices Podcast, we are so excited to talk about our Family Bible Time, and encourage you with our convictions, character and challenges that we have grown in. Our 20-minute podcast are designed to welcome you into our conversation about biblical parenting and we pray itContinue reading “Season 1 Ep 3 Family Bible Time”

Season 1 Ep 1 Who We Are

Welcome to the Raising Rices Podcast where we are excited to talk about raising households that serve the Lord. On today’s podcast we are going over Who We Are, and how this podcast will be covering our convictions, character, and challenge all within a 20-minute format. We feel it is important to be able toContinue reading “Season 1 Ep 1 Who We Are”

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