Prayer to NOT Complain


My family has been under the weather for a few weeks now, each of us taking a turn to be sick.  While my kids were not feeling well I had so much grace for them and their needs but still wanted to uphold most of the standards of communication. For example, I didn’t want them to whine to me but, use their words to communicate their needs. My gentle reminders to them saying, “I am here for you, I want to help you, please let me know using your words what you need.”

HOWEVER, when I became under the weather that patiences, grace and level-headed nature went right out the window!

I found myself complaining and arguing, becoming frustrated over silly things that should have been approached with grace from me!

I know there are seasons of stress, sickness, busyness with life, and other events that create us (moms or dads) to lose our patience. Can I just say though, I was SOOOOO convicted by behavior towards my kids, I had all these expectations of how I wanted them to act but yet I was not being example I was requiring or hoping them to be.

Philippians 2:14 (NLV)

14 Be glad you can do the things you should be doing. Do all things without arguing and talking about how you wish you did not have to do them.

What a beautiful reminder! God first helps us to create a heart of thankfulness for opportunity to be able to do the things we do! I mean I am SOOOOO grateful to be a mom, wife, friend, and sister! Then He reminds us that these blessings in the form of opportunities and gifts should be approach ALWAYS without arguing and complaining. Is this easy: NO! Is it good for our heart, mind and strength: YES! God, is always looking out for us. He is our GOOD, GOOD FATHER, and just as we train our children to not complain or argue with us, God is encouraging US HIS CHILDREN to do the same.

I tell myself at times during the day when things are hard, “MAN! I WISH GOD WOULD JUST TELL ME HOW TO PARENT THESE KIDS! WHERE IS THE DO AND DON’T LIST! WHY DON’T THESE KIDS COME WITH INSTRUCTIONS?!” And then I return to His word and I am like: DUH! He has given us the Bible to help us become refined and more like Him, and how to guide our children in the Wisdom, Peace, and Hope of His WORD!


Lord, would you help me be a mom who does not complain or argue. Would you continue to give me these refining moments and grace to do ALL things for your glory without an unhappy heart. Lord, may I be the example to my children of the truth you have given us in Your Word! Thank you Lord! 

Join me as I pray for myself that within these moments that I know WILL arise that the Holy Spirit would speak to my soul and guide me to patience and grace.



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