Pumpkin Time


Every fall I always enjoy the beautiful changing of the tree leaves, the crisp air and the fall treats!

Our oldest daughter is just now 4 and we as a family haven’t really gotten into the “halloween” events that usually go with what we think of when we think of the fall season. My husband and I didn’t really grow up celebrating Halloween so we enjoy doing other fabulous fall activities to celebrate this beautiful season.

This year we decided to take our family with the co-op we are with to the pumpkin patch! The kids all had a great time. We elected that we would get one LARGE family pumpkin to share and we would take it home and make pumpkin pie and pumpkin seeds to all enjoy.

Before Darren and I had kids we enjoyed getting pie pumpkins and making desserts, soups and more treats from scratch during the fall season, but I have to say now doing it with kids is 100% more FUN! (And 100% more messy ;))

We found an amazing recipe from Little House on the Prairie for PUMPKIN PIE! And boy oh boy was it YUMMY!!!!

Here is our adventure:


The kids picked the perfect BIG pumpkin 🙂 32 pounds!

The next day we set off to making some pumpkin treats (excuse the mess!):


After we got our pumpkin puree, we started on the crust:


Next we baked the crust and filled with our YUMMY filling:


Then the pie was finally done and READY to EAT:


It was a pumpkintastic day!


What is your family pumpkin recipes 🙂 ????? Cause we have pumpkin coming out of our ears!!!!! YUMMY!!!!!


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