To Put Courage Into

Encourage – to put courage into. If you have been following along you may have noticed that we have had a LOT of decisions to make as a family lately. From selling our house, to moving churches, and standing against the vaccine mandates in our area. With each decision we of course were met withContinue reading “To Put Courage Into”

Podcast – Episode #27 Who is the Leader of Your Home?

This topic of Leadership within the home is a subject matter that keeps forming as our growth in Christ gets stronger. Today I am joined by my husband to talk about the role of the Father/Husband as the leader of the home and how the Wife (ME) and children all play into that 🙂 IContinue reading “Podcast – Episode #27 Who is the Leader of Your Home?”

Podcast Episode #18 – Our Words are Powerful Part 3

Podcast Episode #18 – Our Words are Powerful Part 3 Listen in on the last of our 3 part journey through the POWER of our WORDS! We will be looking at the relationship with our words to our husbands and wives and the importance of speaking uplifting truth, encouragement and support even in a worldContinue reading “Podcast Episode #18 – Our Words are Powerful Part 3”

Father – Daughter – Husband – Wife

Do you think that the relationship you have (whether present or absent) with your father affects your relationship with husband (or significant other)? Something to ponder right, whether you are 18 or 81 our experiences with the first man or absent of the first man in our lives can influence us! I was talking withContinue reading “Father – Daughter – Husband – Wife”

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