Prayer – Children Would Turn to Prayer

We try to be a family of prayer. When we go to bed we try to have a prayer with each kid.  During each meal we try to have a family prayer of thankfulness. If a member of the family is in need, sick, or has a big life change we try to take timeContinue reading “Prayer – Children Would Turn to Prayer”

Prayer to NOT Complain

My family has been under the weather for a few weeks now, each of us taking a turn to be sick.  While my kids were not feeling well I had so much grace for them and their needs but still wanted to uphold most of the standards of communication. For example, I didn’t want themContinue reading “Prayer to NOT Complain”


I am a passionate parent, I enjoy the role, however I feel terrified as a parent about the responsibility that has been given to me as I look at the little faces I am raising. Thank goodness there is a God who loves my children even more then I do, which is completely hard toContinue reading “Character”

Where Can We Fill a Need?

With any community there are needs. Some communities include: family, church, neighborhood, and or city. There are areas of need, and as the a believer I feel it is important to find opportunities to give back what has been given to me to those in need. Please hear me I am not amazing at thisContinue reading “Where Can We Fill a Need?”

What God has Ordained

Do you ever worry? SILLY question right! Before I was a parent I was probably the biggest worry wart there was, and now that I am a parent, well words can not express what kind of worry wart I am. BUT there is hope for me and for those of you who are worry wartsContinue reading “What God has Ordained”

Guide me LORD in the Choices I make

As a mom, wife or parent we are faced with a lot of choices for our family. Some choices like what should be allowed to be watched in our family, what type of family vehicle should we save for, even what is for dinner! CHOICES CHOICES CHOICES they are everywhere! And quiet frankly I feelContinue reading “Guide me LORD in the Choices I make”

Remember All God Has Done

As a mom, I get into this schedule driven, distracted, diaper changing, feeding frenzy, loving on my littles life style, where I can tend to not see the beauty of all the things God has done for me. From the little things to the big things in life, everything that God has done is aContinue reading “Remember All God Has Done”

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