Multigenerational Impact

Multigenerational Impact What does the Bible have to say about it? In the Bible it says in Psalm 107:2, “Let the redeemed of the LORD say so,” does this seems like a “of course we will” verse? I hope so, however there are many historical accounts in the Bible of the lack of “say so”Continue reading “Multigenerational Impact”

Discernment and Brownies

Discernment and Brownies The word discernment has been on my mind, heart, and lips a lot recently as I have been encouraging those around me and are teaching my kids about this KEY element to our daily lives. I used to believe that discernment meant just being wise and not letting others persuade me with things thatContinue reading “Discernment and Brownies”

Table Manners RESOURCE!

With Fall coming right around the corner, this season seems to bring change to our family for the elements that have become lacks in the summer season. I love how in the summer we can be flexible, sporadic, last-minute, and allows more present-in-the-moments! Late dinners, picnics and BBQ’s are some of the fun elements ofContinue reading “Table Manners RESOURCE!”

Standing for Faith while Teaching our Kids

I have been recently convicted strongly about my role at home to be a spiritual example of the importance of apologetics and showing how to stand for truth in front of my home. You might be thinking to yourself, RIGHT ON! But HOW? This is the area of growth for me, I believe the HolyContinue reading “Standing for Faith while Teaching our Kids”

Now that Halloween is OVER, lets talk about it!

Now that Halloween is OVER, let’s talk about it! My family and I have been researching, praying, and talking about about Halloween prior to the actual day, in order that we may make the best decision for OUR family in regards to what we would like to do or not do when it comes toContinue reading “Now that Halloween is OVER, lets talk about it!”

RESOURCES – Family Bible Time

As a mom I am finding myself looking desperately for support and resources to help me along my journey of Raising my beautiful Rice children. There are so many GREAT resources out there! I wanted to share a few favorites with you guys, in hopes it may bless you! The theme of this resource sectionContinue reading “RESOURCES – Family Bible Time”

Noah’s THIRD Birthday Party

For my sweet son Noah’s third birthday party he chose the theme of CONSTRUCTION! A very fun theme! Noah’s birthday is in January, making having a indoor birthday party a must here in the Northwest! We are blessed to use our home church as a resource to host events at. This provides us with havingContinue reading “Noah’s THIRD Birthday Party”

Prayer For Discernment When Speaking With My Children

Friends! Can I be super REAL for a moment: WORDS STINK! I really dislike words! I dislike how I find myself using them to hurt instead of build up! I dislike how easy it is to not keep my tone in check! I dislike how I can RAISE the volume of my words or atContinue reading “Prayer For Discernment When Speaking With My Children”

Kids- Can do Attitude

Words that drive this momma crazy is: I CAN’T! In our family we really try to encourage phrases like, “Can you help me.” I am even ok with the phrase, “this is hard.” See I want to encourage my kids and everyone I know to persevere. Common phases I like to say to my kidsContinue reading “Kids- Can do Attitude”

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