Within the family there are communication break downs from time to time! Ok, more frequently then we think considering interrupting, and whining to be communication break downs, I would say we experience it daily, even hourly. I have been listening to a few pod casts, reading a few blogs, and seeking wisdom when it comesContinue reading “Communication”

Successful Soothing Secrets

  When Darren and I were about to become parents, a sweet friend from the school I taught at told me about Happiest Baby on the Block (here is a short video on youtube that will QUICKLY show you his 5 S’s to soothing). Well we would like to thank my teaching partner for showing us theseContinue reading “Successful Soothing Secrets”

Monthly Kid Dates

Would you like to know a secret: I was so worried when we got pregnant with baby number 4 that the other 3 kids wouldn’t get my attention. Come to find out, apparently everyone worries about this from time to time in families of more then 1 kid, let alone 4. So instead of worryingContinue reading “Monthly Kid Dates”

Family Foundation

  My husband Darren and I had some wonderful friends come and visit from North Carolina. During our evening together, they spoke of a family in their church who wrote out their family’s constitution. As, we heard more about this I grew fascinated, so of course that night I searched Pinterest to see examples ofContinue reading “Family Foundation”

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