COVID-19 Processing Resources for the FAMILY!


How many of you lived through the experience of 9/11? I can distinctly remember when I heard the news, and the fear that followed. 9/11 was a historical moment that altered how we operate in our daily living. Anyone else watch older movies where they are meeting someone at the airport and can walk straight to the plane? Yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore due to the events of 9/11.

During this COVID-19 there can be fear and uncertainty. One of the memories I have during 9/11 was unanswered questions which caused fear and uncertainty. Therefore I wanted to provide my family and other families a way to process these emotions. And this is where the COVID-19 resource packet comes into play.

This much needed resource is helpful in allowing kids of all ages to process through these changing times. I personally recall when 9/11 happened and how the world changed before my very eyes, things that once were became something new and forever changed.

Within the PDF printable packet you will find:

  • Personal refection worksheets on how life is currently
  • The Blessings to be found in this time and how to bless others
  • Prayer journal with writing or drawing options
  • Fun moments and bringing the best in the moment out
  • Hard moments to promote conversations with family
  • Promises that God gives us in his scripture, journal pages to reflect and color sheets with scripture on it.


Orange Blue Collage International Friendship Day Instagram Post

This resource is one of the ways we are working to supporting families. We also are using it as a fundraiser to help earn money to pay for Darren Rice to attend seminary. So we thank you for helping us walk this journey together, following God’s call 🙂



Table Manners RESOURCE!

With Fall coming right around the corner, this season seems to bring change to our family for the elements that have become lacks in the summer season. I love how in the summer we can be flexible, sporadic, last-minute, and allows more present-in-the-moments! Late dinners, picnics and BBQ’s are some of the fun elements of summer that we enjoy but sometimes is hard to keep our table manners in check. So with Fall coming we are re-teaching our table manners!

I did a Facebook Live the other day and had a LOT of friends wanting to see what our Table Manners print out looks like so I am sharing it here! (Make sure you follow us on Facebook for more Facebook LIVES and encouragement).

Table Manners DOWNLOAD HERE!

Hope you enjoy! And we would LOVE to hear what Table Manners are important to you!


A wise older friend cautioned me while teaching table manners (really teaching anything) to remember that these are super IMPORTANT years to cultivate teachable hearts but ALSO to ENJOY, LOVE-ON, and CONNECT. So make sure while teaching that is done alongside LOVE! We should all work not to be so rule driven that we drive away the relationship building moments.