We have entered into Football Season! The most loved 17 weeks of some peoples lives and the 17 longest weeks of others. When I was younger I LOVED throwing the football with my dad. He taught me how to throw a spiral and I loved the time we would spend just throwing the ball backContinue reading “FOOTBALL SEASON”

Successful Soothing Secrets

  When Darren and I were about to become parents, a sweet friend from the school I taught at told me about Happiest Baby on the Block (here is a short video on youtube that will QUICKLY show you his 5 S’s to soothing). Well we would like to thank my teaching partner for showing us theseContinue reading “Successful Soothing Secrets”

Sleep Training

I have had a lot people ask me questions about sleep training. We decided to “create” our own method of sleep training. Which basically means we read a lot, got advice from a lot of parents, and combined them all together with what works best for our family. Here is what we have decided toContinue reading “Sleep Training”

Sunday Prep Day

Does anyone dread Mondays? I always feel a bit of sadness when Sunday comes to a close because I know that Monday is when the hubby returns to work, and I just love our family time so much! My hard working husband works a “traditional” Monday through Friday job. (Well he is suppose to, but heContinue reading “Sunday Prep Day”

Monthly Kid Dates

Would you like to know a secret: I was so worried when we got pregnant with baby number 4 that the other 3 kids wouldn’t get my attention. Come to find out, apparently everyone worries about this from time to time in families of more then 1 kid, let alone 4. So instead of worryingContinue reading “Monthly Kid Dates”

Practice Week and Stone Soup

In preparation for preschool for Madeline and Tot-school for Noah we read the story Stone Soup by Maria Brown (Caldecott honor book). The story is about working together and making the best of any situation, hospitality and sharing (at least that is what we took from it with their ages). Creative play is something IContinue reading “Practice Week and Stone Soup”

Family Foundation

  My husband Darren and I had some wonderful friends come and visit from North Carolina. During our evening together, they spoke of a family in their church who wrote out their family’s constitution. As, we heard more about this I grew fascinated, so of course that night I searched Pinterest to see examples ofContinue reading “Family Foundation”